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About us

Match Enterprise acts as an intermediate between sellers and buyers of companies in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. For more than 30 years now, Serge Naud has worked with manufacturing companies located in Quebec.


Our professional team can help you realize your plans for buying and selling businesses. Our remuneration is based on the results. We spend a lot of energy and time with our clients to make sure we understand their needs. Match-Enterprise offers entrepreneurs of all manufacturing sectors, a personalized, professional and confidential service to purchase and sale businesses for buyers or sellers involved. Dedicated to the development of Quebec companies, Match-Enterprise also provides an expertise that helps the buyer to research grants, funding and government assistance. In addition to facilitating financial funding for projects, Match-Enterprise’s clients benefit from an impressive business network promoting the growth and diversification of their activities. Match-Enterprise, is also a one-stop shop for foreign investors wishing to establish and develop strategic alliances in Quebec.

Mergers and

The business acquisition process will be the focus for several business.


We can guide you through the process of confidentially selling or acquiring a company, presenting you with buyers or sellers of businesses in your industry, evaluating your business and helping you with financing and finding available subsidies.

Buying and selling of businesses


Match Enterprises  specializes in the research of governmental assistance and the financing of businesses. We offer the support which strongly facilitate the closing of  all  transactions. We offer to all  interrested clients to sell their businesses in all confidentiality. This will be executed in collaboration with the client base on the evaluation of the potential value of  their businesses in this present market. This evaluation will be presented and well explained to all clients so that they could realise by themselves the true value of their businesses. Once the evaluation is completed and accepted by the clients, they decide to either sale or not sale. Many entrepreneurs have no ideas of the true value of their businesses and don't know who they should be asking to find out the worth of their entity.


Here are the competences and experience we do possess in the trading of businesses :

  • Licence since 1985;
  • We have been in the financing domain, selling of businesses and subventions since 1982 ;
  • We have an important network of financing partners to help any potential buyers in their quest ;
  • We possess a qualified and strategic private buyers list with available funds of 500K $ and 5 M $ cash
Confidentiality agreement

Financing & subsidies

Would you need more money to finance your immobilizations?



Let us take care and verify if your business is qualified to obtain a subvention and then after handle all the stages necessary to the obtention of subsidies necessary for you.



  • Line of Credit
  • Business acquisitions
  • Financing of immobilization.
  • Financing of succession



The sale of our ImaCor division represented everything a challenge. Despite the difficult economic context , Serge Naud MATCH COMPANY INC went there a real tour de force. Extensively involved in our record, Serge has worked hard to deliver a fair and equitable analysis for both parties .

Tenacious and with great expertise , Serge offers a pragmatic approach which makes it a strategic partner throughout the evaluation process and négociation.Je Enjoy this opportunity to thank you , you and Serge , for all professional services rendered , and for the moral support at times during these years . I will not hesitate to use your services for the rest. Be well , stay healthy and enjoy life ! again thank you again and best regards !

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