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If you are already a business owner and want to acquire another business, there are definitely undeniable advantages.

Optimum Logistique

What can we say about Serge and his wonderful, friendly and highly professional team. Without them the transaction would not have been successful. A bond of trust was created throughout the transaction, it seemed less difficult for us to have them support us.

We will miss you, I just wish I had another business to sell so I can call you back. Thank you so much !

Nathalie Mercier & Martin Lemyre

Transport Dessaults

We will, in the future, be very good ambassadors for you gentlemen and will tell anyone who will listen how much we appreciated your professional approach, always with respect and good humor!

You never know, too, potential customer or “buyer” on other opportunities!

Thank you again gentlemen!!!

José Serli

Bois fortin

It is thanks to Serge’s experience and communicative talents that the sale of our company was achieved. All this, with gentleness, clarity and satisfaction.

Thank you Serge

Éric fortin Ing.


To Mr. Serge Naud,
First of all ; Thank you Serge!
At our first meeting, your professionalism and competence inspired me with confidence to continue in this complex process of selling a business.
Integrity, flawless service, always there to help and give us confidence.
I recommend without hesitation, Mr. Serge Naud as your representative in your next transactions.

IN ADDITION, THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD MOOD YOU BRING, always remaining very professional.

Fernando Jesus

Main-forte Montréal

Serge demonstrated patience and tenacity throughout the research and purchase process. With his assistant Chantal, they form a dynamic, available, experienced and attentive team.

This real estate file was particularly delicate and our organization can consider itself lucky to have benefited from the skills of such a partner.

 Renée Caron, Directrice générale

Boucherie Fortin

I met Serge during an acquisition transaction during which Serge was the underwriting broker. The transaction was a bit difficult. Nevertheless, Serge, as an intermediary, was able to show empathy and he was able to bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller. In the end, the transaction was concluded and everyone was happy.

Thank you Serge for being an important piece of conciliation!!!

Stephan Dibolla

Service Alimentaire Félix

Through its network of contacts , I met Mr. Naud through one of its company sale mandates for which I had an interest . The process was quick , direct and efficient, Serge was able to lead the negotiations in the interests of both parties and with respect.

When required, its interventions summers fast and very satisfactory. Serge was more concerned about the placement of post sale and remains in contact with me. I recommend without hesitation Match service companies and his team.

Pierre Marcotte


Thank you Serge for your professionalism and dedication. You showed yourself to be available, reassuring and competent. You have greatly simplified our sales process also with your contact network in different areas. We have not regretted hiring you for this mandate for a moment.

Thanks again for your help with this!

Thierry Gonzalez

DMax Express

Mr. Naud is very concerned about the satisfaction of his customers, he is proud of his company and with good reason! Communication and needs assessment are his strengths even in the most complicated situations. I really appreciated his availability in time and explanations as well as his openness to after-sales service.

I can only highly recommend this company without hesitation.

Michel Jacques, Président

Portes et moulures Ouellet

I liked the course of the transaction and recommend Mr. Serge Naud of the firm Investment Enterprises Inc. Match to anyone who would want to sell or buy a business.

I would like to thank him for his professionalist and confidentiality that he was able to provide throughout this operation.

Gaston Ouellet

Portes LANO

At Serge Naud and his team. The sale of our business ( Les Portes LANO inc. ) Showed significant difficulties and we were able to achieve thanks to the expertise and professionalism of Serge .

It adds value at all stages of a transaction and I highly recommend it .

Jean-Guy Laverdière

Portes LANO

The sale of doors for us LANO was a first experience in this field. This transaction represents a major challenge both financially and in human terms .

Serge has shown determination and leadership to bring the parties together and to ensure that this transaction meets the objectives of each. Serge was the key element that has enabled us to realize this transaction. ''

Richard de Lafontaine

Radisson Plus

Mr. Serge Naud of the firm Investments Inc. Match Company , the procurement procedures were conducted with great skill and professionnalisme.Serge Naud devoted himself thoroughly for both the buyer and the seller. He is deeply involved in the negotiations of the financing with the bank as well as the procedures for a grant.

Mr. Naud comfort and ambience are put in a very casual atmosphere. It all ended by leaving the taste again ... It is for you to benefit from its expertise.

Louis Lavoie

Building sale

When I met Serge Naud for the first time , I felt immediately at ease . I have rarely met such a professional person as him is remarkable. It is dynamic and always cheerful .

He was very generous with me and worked very hard to sell my house . Every time I called he was always available . For all these reasons I highly recommend eyes closed. This is a guy of integrity, honest , dedicated, above all competent. He was an angel to me ! Serge thank you for being in my way and have sold my house .

Linda Marcotte

Fenêtre Rustic

Mr. Naud accompanied us throughout the process to proceed with the acquisition of " Brother & Company Tessier inc. ". It is a dynamic , reliable and competent person who leaves room for human side during this kind of transaction, which is rare today in our world of business.

I will not hesitate to have further recourse to its services. ''

Pierre Gaudreault


The year 2007 was for us a year of great decision is to sell our company. After meeting with different companies specializing in the sale of business , the evaluation mandate and support was given to the firm Match Company Inc.

Mr. Serge Naud guided us and advised in this important process. We have received tremendous support custom , technical and accounting thereof. It makes me happy to recommend it. '

Roland Gagon

Récupération 2000

From our first meeting, we met a smiling and friendly man who was able to understand us and reassure us in our efforts. His empathy and generosity immediately gave us confidence and without delay he took charge of our file with rigor and competence.

Serge has a vast network of contacts which makes him a dynamic and wise man. His know-how and skills make him a professional in every way.

Gabriel Racine et Nicole Santerre


The sale of our ImaCor division represented everything a challenge. Despite the difficult economic context , Serge Naud MATCH COMPANY INC went there a real tour de force. Extensively involved in our record, Serge has worked hard to deliver a fair and equitable analysis for both parties .

Tenacious and with great expertise , Serge offers a pragmatic approach which makes it a strategic partner throughout the evaluation process and négociation.Je Enjoy this opportunity to thank you , you and Serge , for all professional services rendered , and for the moral support at times during these years . I will not hesitate to use your services for the rest. Be well , stay healthy and enjoy life ! again thank you again and best regards !

Yvon Charboneau

New business acquisition

During my last business acquisition as an entrepreneur and private investor I retained Match Enterprises . I appreciated that throughout the process of the transaction Mr. Serge Naud provided continuous support and provided to detail.

He was able to provide solutions to problems that are presented which allowed me to complete the purchase . I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Serge Naud to help you in your next transaction.



"COMPETENCE , INTEGRITY, DYNAMISM. " Three words to introduce Mr. Serge Naud company ' Business Match '' With whom we entrusted the sale of our company.

It was the first time we were dealing with Mr. Serge Naud and frankly it exceeded our expectations . It is with great conviction that I recommend Mr. Serge Naud for your next transaction.

Jacques Messager

Aliment Medi

Serge is a solid business partner... with the generosity of his experience and his time, he carries out his files with great determination but above all, delivers the goods and will not give up without achieving satisfactory results.

Thank you very much for your collaboration

Pierre Marcotte

STE IP St-Hyacinthe

I am more than a satisfied customer, I admire the work of the Match Entreprise team. Thanks to Serge for crossing my path and staying there despite the complexity and difficulties. Serge accompanied me until the end in the worst storm. He is definitely a reliable and honest man of heart who I highly recommend.

The accidental and tragic death of my husband along the way greatly complicated the legal, administrative and emotional process of the transaction. Without Serge's great expertise, his professionalism, his tenacity, and the experience he has, I could easily have lost the sale and control. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Serge for your involvement, your hard work and your moral support.

Caroline Tremblay

Jocelyne Paul, Notary

Mr. Naud. Ah, Mr. Naud! What skill! What availability! What dedication! I have nothing but good words for this exceptional man who works tirelessly to accommodate us and complete the sale of our building. An eager and competent man, he interacts with a network of professionals who are always available (lawyers, notaries, surveyors, etc.), at all times, day, evening and weekend. What more?

I can only wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Serge Naud for any action to be taken and to see it through to success. Mr. Naud, thank you for your unfailing collaboration at all times.

Jocelyne Paul

Sale of building

At our first meeting with Serge Naud and his team, we felt important. With the support of a network of high-caliber professional resources, he targeted our needs well.

His constant availability, his dynamism and his unwavering motivation for the agreed mandate make Serge Naud an outstanding advisor for the sale and/or purchase of commercial assets. We strongly recommend his services.

Michel Giard

Thomas Keyes CPA, CA

I have known Serge Naud and his team at Match Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. for more than 18 years.

During this period, I saw how Serge developed and refined a unique and specialized service aimed at making "great transactions" between his clients, buyers and sellers of businesses.

Serge stands out because he makes a considerable effort to find practical solutions to facilitate business sales. To this end, he prepares his business sellers well before the sale because he understands that the sale of a private business is a long and complex process. In addition, he provides valuable advice for structuring and organizing sellers as best as possible for the sale of their businesses.

All in all, I have rarely seen someone who has such good command of his files and who is so honest and professional while acting with exemplary efficiency.

Thomas Keyes