Sell an enterprise


« The process of a transaction varies between 3 months and 1 year. »

Phase 1

First visit at no charge.

  1. Presentation of our confidentiality agreement.
  2. Meeting at the location (seller) and the visit of all the installations.
  3. Discussions in regard of all the challenges and implications of the sale.
  4. Summary analysis of the financial data of the businesses.
  5. Validation of the selling price coveted by the seller.
  6. Terms and conditions of our mandate.

Phase 2

  • Signature of the mandate.
  • Analysis of the historic, the market, the products and the operations of the business itself.
  • Discussion in regards of all the strenghts and weaknesses of the business.
  • Study and thorough examination of business documents and financial records ( 5 years ).
  • Discussion on the financial projections of the business.
  • Adjustment of the value of the assets of the business.
  • Verification of the real estate documents (municipal taxes, evaluation, etc.) and also the building if the case applies.
  • Validation of the potential acquirer with the seller.

Phase 3

  • Preparation of the evaluation report.
  • Approbation of of the report by the seller.

Phase 4

  • Preparation of the prospectus for potential buyers.

Phase 5

  • Research of buyers.
  • The seller either accept or reject is agreement for each of the buyers presented to him.
  • After obtaining the authorization of the seller, the buyer will sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • The buyer will then receive the exploratory informations of the business.
  • If the buyer is interested to continue the procedures, we will give him the prospectus with a planned visit of the factory.
  • Meeting between the seller and the beginning of the negotiations.

Phase 6

  • Presentation and negotiation of the promise to purchase.

Phase 7

  • Closing of the transaction.

Free evaluation

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