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Are you ready to hand over your business to new owners?

You're asking yourself the following question: I want to sell my business. What price could I get? Or: How do you proceed according to the rules of the trade and achieve a profitable and satisfactory transaction? 

The answer from Match Entreprises is clear: the sale price can vary depending on the type of buyer! Perhaps you don't know where to start to sell your business and get the best possible price? Match Entreprises will work with you using rigorous methods and a proven process. In complete confidentiality. 

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Match Entreprises, the best business sales broker

Are you looking to sell your business? Match Entreprises has been acting as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of businesses in more than 80 sectors for over 30 years.

We possess a qualified and strategic private buyers list with available funds of 500K $ and 5 M $ cash

If you need the help of a professional in the field to achieve your goal of selling your business, Serge Naud, as a broker, and his partners are true experts in selling a business.

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To find a qualified buyer, opt for Match Entreprises

Whether it's a small business for sale or a large company for sale, Match Entreprises offers a wide range of business opportunities and provides careful, professional assistance to both buyers and sellers.

More specifically, Match Entreprises does the following

  • selection and prospecting

  • evaluating and analysing business opportunities in relation to your needs;

  • presents the offer to purchase

  • performs due diligence and can propose financing and subsidy solutions to the buyer if required

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With Match Entreprises, your first consultation is free!

With no obligation on your part, our team can carry out a value assessment as quickly as possible.

Contact us today at 514-990-7466 to schedule your free initial consultation and discuss your business sale needs. You can also REGISTER DIRECTLY ON OUR WEBSITE for more information.

Match Entreprises: Your trusted partner for the sale of your business.

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